Wildlife Conservation

The 2 wildlife properties of Chengeta and Pamuzinda were formerly degraded cattle ranches back in the mid 80’s, these 13,000+ acres are now natural wildlife habitats for huge concentrations of plains game as well as Leopard, lion, elephant and buffalo. There are plans afoot to extend the reserves to 20,000 acres between 2016 & 2018 and an IPZ (Intensive Protection Zone) of 500 acres has been added to Pamuzinda for the introduction of Rhino from vulnerable areas in Zimbabwe in the near future.
As a company we regularly take in wildlife rescues and orphans for free release into our reserves once capable of fending for themselves. Many of these former babies revisit the unfenced lodges daily, much to the enjoyment of our guests and many have become face book stars such as Jasmine the Giraffe and Shungu the Zebra.

Easter at Chengeta Primary School with every child holding a teddy bear

Chengeta Primary School

Dunhu Ramambo has made a significant commitment to our local community in which we are located and part of our ethos has been based on ‘conservation through education’. From 2007 to 2014 Dunhu Ramambo has invested heavily in building a full primary school with eight classrooms, library, a meeting / assembly hall, a caretaker’s home, school kitchens & seven teachers’ houses as well as sports fields and a play centre, all on our own land. We have provided all the necessities for the school from chairs & desks to a free daily meal for each child.

Realizing the difficulties of our children having to walk from between 6 & 12 km’s to the closest (oversubscribed) secondary school, our new dream started in January 2015 with the building of the secondary school, we now have the 4th classroom under construction and our flock has grown to over 700 children (May 2015) and on completion we expect to be educating over 1000 children.

Much of this has been achieved with the help and support of former clients of the company as well as friends and family of the 3 directors of Dunhu Ramambo.

We have further plans & dreams to build a clinic and assist a local small struggling orphanage for aids orphans and street kids. If you feel that you can help in any way 100% of all & any donations will go directly into these projects, please contact us through reservations or our facebook page to contact one of our directors.

a group of Chengeta Primary School pupils and teacher surround a wildlife guide explaining bush tracking

Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue Centre

Currently under construction is a wildlife rescue centre specialising in endemic birds-of-prey species in which we have great expertise. The centre will provide a facility for injured birds and animals to be treated, and where possible to be returned to a life in the wild. The centre will also act as a wildlife educational facility for the children of Zimbabwe, where they can learn to understand the importance of wildlife conservation. This endeavour literally follows our ethos; “Conservation Through Education”.

large group of Chengeta Primary School pupils raise their hands in joy with sponsor outside on grass

HIV & AIDS Education

HIV and AIDS has  affected the world and especially Africa, which has the highest infection rate in the world. Witnessing the negative effects on our staff and the surrounding community (over 60 of the children in our school are AIDS orphans) has driven us to work hard to combat this disease amongst our staff and in the community at large.

Dunhu Ramambo has an awareness and testing facility which we run in conjunction with the Batsirai Group – a community outreach program that visits for 3-5 days periods several times a year. We accommodate and feed the good people of Batsirai who run the workshops from our school assembly hall, where they do awareness work followed by testing and support for those individuals found to be HIV-positive.

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