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Live in 2017: Group & Independent Bookings Available

Introducing our brand new and exciting luxury cruise product, Zambezi Cruise Safaris.

A fantastic new opportunity to cruise the expansive waters of Lake Kariba experiencing the unbeatable scenic views, wildlife, fishing and the notorious African sunsets, it is an experience not to be missed.


The history behind the largest man-made dam in the world.


What animals to expect in the untouched bush that surround the expansive lake.


Itineraries and cruise routes in detail.

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Zambezi Cruise Safaris operates from both Kariba town and Binga. These bases are almost point to point on the Lake and provides a perfect opening up to Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Chobe, Livingstone, Mana Pools and Harare.

Kariba Dam

One of the world’s largest man-made dams, Lake Kariba. Is situated almost exactly halfway down the iconic Zambezi river & approx. 90 kms after it spilled over the magnificent Victoria Falls. Kariba was designed by the French Engineer and Inventor Andre Coyne, & built by the Italians between 1955 & 1959. At the time of filling, in 1960, it was the largest man-made dam in the world and still remains the largest by water volume.

The Zimbabwean shore is dedicated to wildlife habitat in one form or another, either by forestry & hunting reserves or national parks and these stretch almost from Victoria Falls along the entire lake edge and into the Zambezi Valley, Mana Pools and down to the Mozambican border.

Kariba as a destination

Lake Kariba is an attractive and largely undiscovered holiday destination. Its vast expanse of water forms a boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia; its extensive and attractive shorelines are home to large populations of wildlife and its islands are dotted in a picture-­‐postcard deep blue sea against a backdrop of high escarpment mountain ranges on each side. Big sky sunsets over the lake are legendary, with the calm water turning to golden in the dusk and the bare branches of its famous drowned trees silhouetted in the foreground.

Kariba and its wildlife and safari opportunities are second to none.


Wild Life & Bird Life

Matusadona National Park

Matusadona National Park is one of several protected wildlife areas with shorelines on Lake Kariba. Some 338,000 acres (1370 km²) in area, it is bounded on the west by the Ume river and on the east by the Sanyati River. Two-­‐thirds of it lies south of the Zambezi Escarpment formed by the 1968 foot (600 m) high Matusadona Hills from which it takes its name.

Matusadona boasts a unique combination of pristine and rugged wilderness, together with the water 2 frontage of Lake Kariba. It is one of the last remaining sanctuaries of the endangered Black Rhinoceros. It is commonly recognized as having the second largest concentration of wild lions in Africa after Ngorongoro Crater. Together with abundant birdlife and many more mammals ranging from elephant to impala, Kariba offers unique game & bird viewing experiences.


Lake Kariba stretches endlessly into the lazy blue distance, a vast clean lake, which means in the middle not much, can be seen. It is in the bays, islands and estuaries are where to look for waterbirds.

Herons and Egret fish the shores amongst the waterweed. White backed Night heron and even the African Finfoot have been found up the Sanyati Gorge, whilst the west side of the Matusadona in the Ume basin there are nesting Marabou Storks and White backed Vultures . The Ume is also a home to Western Banded Snake Eagles, found sitting in the tall tress and the Senegals & White browed Coucals forage low down; the wail of the Trumpeter Hornbills resounds from riverine patches and down on the ground you can find Bearded Scrub-­‐robins in the thick tangles.With animal carcasses you will find many vulture species showing up to play their part in dissecting the dead animal.

The notorious call of the African Fish Eagle can be heard from all around the lake and the list goes on, Black bellied Bustards, White crowned Lapwings, Red and Yellow billed Oxpeckers, Orange winged Pytilia; a spectacular location for both experienced birders and eager amateurs.

With access to a guide and tender boats you are afforded the amazing opportunity to spend hours exploring on your birding safaris.

Sit patiently absorbing the stunning scenes around you whilst waiting patiently for unique sightings and photographic opportunities.


After a few hours of relaxing cruising aboard the main vessel, the boat will moor in a stunning Bay and allow time for exploring of the surrounds by smaller tender boats. Activities such as water-­‐based game viewing, allows for a great opportunity to experience the enormous diversity of wildlife and get that little bit closer.

The relatively untouched bush and its variety of inhabitants provides for a photographers paradise. Stunning hues in the horizon synonymous with the surrounding majestic hills, unbeatable light striking bush colours and wild subjects all make for unique photo opportunities.

You stand the chance to see Elephant, Buffalo, Giraffe, Hippos , Crocodiles , various antelope , monkeys and lion.


Try your hand at fishing in these vast waters for a variety of fish species.

The common and delicious Talapia Bream caught on simple worm and hooks method, to Tiger Fish who provide an adrenaline filled fight to land in the boat. All cruises include fishing equipment and bait and your knowledgeable boat driver can show you how its done.

Newsletter – August


Dry Season is June to October; this brings out the animals to the shore line in search of water and grazing.

Wet Season is from early November to the end of April, where it rains intermittently

Cruises & Itineraries

Individual & Group Traveller Bookings Available

A “Zambezi Cruise Safari” offers the individual and group traveller intimate luxury cruising on Lake Kariba, our Full Lake Cruises which depart from both Kariba and Binga traverse the entire 270 km of the Lake also create fantastic connections to our partner products in the Matusadona National (Bumi Hills Safari Lodge,Rhino Safari Lodge , Musango)

For your Victoria Falls and Hwange visitors our Two Night Sengwe River cruises offer a unique add on to their Zimbabwe experience, we have competitive road transfer rates from all of the leading hotels in Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Chobe and Hwange to Binga and air transfers can be arranged to and from any of our Cruises.

A typical day on board starts with early morning continental breakfast followed by game viewing

from tender boats, allowing you to explore the expansive waters of Lake Kariba experiencing the unbeatable scenic views and abundant bird and wildlife from the water.

You can also try your luck fishing for Kariba Bream, Cornish Jack or the infamous Tiger Fish. Back at the boat, a delicious brunch is served on deck as we sail off for our next destination.

On arrival you can explore the nearby creeks and inlets with hippo and crocodile populations or just relax with a cool drink and enjoy the world drifting by. In the evening you enjoy a Gin and Tonic and soak up the legendary Lake Kariba sunset.

All houseboats will come with 2 x Pontoon Boats with covered roofs and fold away comfortable seating.

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