With the change of season we welcome a few new additions to our game parks, a number of baby giraffe have been spotted on both reserves, many baby zebra, 6 new eland and 5 baby kudu, which include a set of twins which is a very unusual occurrence.

The impala and wildebeest have bursting bellies as they wait for the first rains to give birth.

Summer birds are moving in, with sightings of fly catchers and spoonbills to name a few.

The frogs are making themselves heard with their loud singing in the evenings, as if a cry out for the impending rains.

The grounds eagerly await the start of the rains to relieve the chronic dry conditions, waterholes are almost completely dried out, the ground is cracked and parched and the animals are in need of the nutritious new grasses.

A HIGHLIGHT for our ongoing battle against poachers, the dedicated scout team captured a poacher in possession of a kudu skin, a fresh porcupine, a genet skin and many other small antelope. He has been given a 2 year jail sentence with the option of paying $8000 back to the game reserve as compensation. A fantastic result helping to set a president in the area that poaching is 100% not tolerated.

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